Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Welcome - Why are we doing this?

It was Fred's idea! At a recent show, he said to me: "Between our circles of friends, we see a lot of local shows. We should start a blog about the Madison music scene." I drunkenly said, "That's a great idea!" Later, when I told dear Aszani about this idea, she just said, "Sure. . . in all your free time!" But I was intrigued. At a minimum, this could be a good way to be a little more connected within our music community between shows! So here's our vision for Madison Music Review:

  • We are building an active community of music lovers in the greater Madison, Wisconsin area in order to encourage greater attendance at high quality local music performances.

  • We provide promotional support for local music venues, locally-owned music outlets and musical artists.

But in its true essence, this is just another way to talk between friends. . . It should be fun. Join in the discussion! Subscribe, comment to any existing post, or if you want to post something new just email it to me!