Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Recommended Show:
Donna Jean and the Tricksters
at Majestic Theatre on Thursday April 4, 2008

I hope you had a chance to read my preview of this show at

Of course, I strongly urge all fans of the Dead, Ratdog, and Phil and Friends to attend. I've come to appreciate the unique spin each of these off-shoots puts on material from the Grateful Dead songbook, and the way they capture the very unique improvisational energy of "a Dead show."

I've been listening to the new CD - Donna Jean and the Tricksters - and really enjoying it, too. I'm quite confident that this band will similarly provide some very pleasing interpretations of songs from the Dead canon. But I also now really look forward to hearing them stretch out on their original material!

The album includes a nice variety of songs that hang together real well. Sure, Deadheads will hear the "roots"sometimes (and NOT complaining, I daresay), but Donna Jean and the Tricksters truly has its own unique identity and its overarching sound is a very smooth and sultry R&B. I'd be happy to hear any or all of the new songs performed live . . and after the show you will want to buy the CD too!

You can hear a couple tracks from the CD on the MMR Music Player in our Listening Room. Check it out for yourself.

DJ with Phil and Trey

DJ with Ratdog

Hope you can make it out to the Majestic Theatre for this inaugural tour. It should be cool.

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