Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Movement 08 - Another Great Year at DEMF

Well it’s been a busy couple weeks since we returned from the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Among other things, Ankur closed on a house purchase and I moved my home office and switched platforms from Windows to Mac OSX. Chaos ensued of course, but it’s beginning to clear up. But not to worry - we’ve got lots of review content coming for DEMF! (We took over 3,000 photos.)

Based on last year's experience, I certainly had high expectations for this event - and they were exceeded on every level. The weather, the sound and lighting, the crowd energy and the artist performances were all excellent. The organizers report that over 75,000 fans attended the festival - a huge increase over the 45,000 fans who attended in 2007 - but still comfortably within the capacity of the beautiful 14-acre venue at Hart Plaza.  

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