Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dale Watson with
Pupy Costell & His Big City Honky Tonk
Club Tavern, Sept 4 2008; 9pm

My buddy Ed Larson - guitar player extraordinaire and member of the Big City Honk Tonk - has been telling me for years that I "MUST SEE" Dale Watson. For one poor reason or another - it hasn't worked out for me during Dale's last two appearances.

This time the stars are all properly aligned and it looks like I'll finally get to see what all the fuss is about. Dale is a singer/songwriter/guitarist in the "authentic" country music tradition. You know - Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash kinda country; not the Garth Brooks variety.

I expect that the Club Tavern will provide the proper atmosphere for this show. Plus as a bonus: Pupy Costello opens!

Come out to Club Tavern and check it out for yourself.


Mister Bill said...

OK. Now I get it. Go see Dale Watson when he comes around. He's got it - a fine musician, great guitar player, authentic and a real professional performer... BTW - He does not normally drink, but when folks buy him a shot he is hospitable enough to accept it graciously.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Dale's line is, "I don't drink, normally..." (As if most drinkers do, heh, heh, heh...)
By all means if you have never seen Dale Watson, make it a point to. Not only will you get to hear some of finest honky tonking around, take the time to go introduce yourself, you will never meet a more honest, down to earth, person; what he says is real.