Sunday, August 05, 2007

Lollapalooza - Day 2

The crowds were much larger on Saturday, making it harder to get decent pictures with the pocket cam. (We were too late in applying to get photo credentials for this festival.) But here are a few images to give you a flavor anyway.

I started the day with Brian, checking out one of his favorite bands - Silverchair. There were quite a few people very charged up to see these guys . . .

Daniel Johns - before he shed his jacket. . .

Don't try too hard to figure out why there is a foot there.
It was part of the backdrop.

(FYI - Others in our crew saw Stephen Marley during this same time slot and raved about how funky and fun their set was. )

Cold War Kids were up next. I caught a few songs before heading out. . .

. . . to catch the last half of Sound Tribe Sector 9. STS9 had the place grooving nicely.
The Roots were definately my surprise set of the day. This was the first time I'd seen them, and they were fantastic. The bass player (Hub?) performed the most amazing solo improv. . . Their live show is highly recommended. (They will be opening for Dave Matthews Band at Alpine later this month.) Can you tell from this photo how the crowd was bumpin'?
When was the last time you saw a hip-hop group include a sousaphone? (Not to be confused with a tuba!)

Spoon was one of my highlight shows. . . As some of you know, this is one of my favorite bands and this was the first time I saw them perform live. I was not disappointed. A great set - raining throughout - but not dampening the energy at all!

I guess I did my share of "dancing" 'cuz this morning my calves were stiff and sore. . . One more day - we're having a blast.


Anonymous said...

Ever hear of the Youngblood Brass Band? Where's the Madison in your Music Review?

Anonymous said...

Yeah what about the UW Marching band? Why didn't write about their set Mr. Lollapalooza guy?

MisterBill said...

Indeed, I’ve not yet had the opportunity to see the Youngblood Brass Band, but I’ve heard that their live show is lots of fun. And I understand that they do have a sousaphone in their line-up, so you’ve “nailed me” on that point.

As to the UW Marching Band. . . I can only hope that that comment was meant to be ironic!

FYI - our “mission” at MMR is to help build an active community of music lovers in the greater Madison area and encourage their attendance at high quality local and regional music performances. . . We're not trying to be a one-stop listing for every show in Madison, nor would we promote a band simply because they are based in Madison. We are simply music fans living in Madison, sharing our plans and experiences with other music lovers in the area who may share our tastes and interests.

We can’t go out every night – we’ve got jobs, families and financial limitations. And like everybody else – we’ve got competing demands for our time and resources. So we want to build trust with our readers in the knowledge that any show we recommend is one that we are truly excited to attend ourselves.

Thanks for reading Madison Music Review.