Monday, August 06, 2007

Peter Himmelman @ The Regent Annex, August 5, 2007

Peter Himmelman having one of
many audience interactions

Playing with his instrument

This was my fist Peter Himmelman show and while I had made myself familiar with some of his CD's I was not quite prepared for his stage antics... he has a huge stage presence - it literally enfolds the audience out there. Which was not there but at the Patti Smith show at the Barrymore - a point of note that Peter made sure the audience remembered by caustic comments peppered throughout the set... show and tell with his new iPhone... sharing the olfactory nuances of the various microphones on stage (with one of the mic's smelling of cat urine, another of Burning Spear's @#$, a third kicked to the floor in disgust). We were also made familiar with Mr. Himmelman's grandfather's accent, weather announcements on the Interstate and the keyboard player's psycho/sociopath (ex) girlfriend.

Time for the iPhone test

Time to take a bow halfway through the set

Sometime during the show Mr. Himmelman started shedding himself of his belongings (literally) as he warmed up; his jacket - co-opted by a lady back in the audience who claimed she was feeling cold in her sleeveless black dress, his new iPhone which someone from the audience wanted to try out so ended up parking himself on a chair on stage while the band rocked on, and then his wallet to the trusted road manager.

Overall a highly entertaining show, even though I had to leave early to get back to my 'other' job that pays for my ever-expanding record collection. Wicked lyrics, caustic humor (even the camera man was not spared), a tight band and hard rocking guitarmanship marked the unique showmanship of Peter Himmelman.

Being not too familiar with Mr Himmelman's songbook myself, I have neglected to list the numbers from last night so folks if you were there (there were about 60 of you there) please feel free to add a comment.
SoDangYang with Jim Schwall (on far left)

I almost forgot to mention SoDangYang with Jim Schwall on guitar who started off Sunday evening's musical program with a great sounding set of country/alt/rock ... songs that stood out were Big Rain, You Look Cooler when Your'e Playing Your Guitar, and a superb version of Dylan's With God on Our Side.

Cheers - malliman/AM

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Jerry Frye said...

Just wondering who took the pictures and if there are more out there? If they were available I'd like to see a picture of when Peter motioned me to come up and shake his hand during the show so he could so everyone how forced it looks when he meets someone. I'd also like to see a picture of when my brother went up on stage to smell the microphones. I've been going to Peter Himmelman's concerts for the past 20 years. Every one is always a blast. :-) Marques Bovre is always good too.