Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sea and Cake - Alarm (release Oct 21, 2008)

New Album:

Sea and Cake - Alarm  (release Oct 21, 2008)

Sea and Cake Ring the Alarm on New Album

The Sea and Cake are pretty laidback guys, but they've picked up their one-album-every-three-years pace for the follow-up to last year's Everybody. Rather than spending time between records on various solo and side projects, the members of Sea and Cake stuck together and plowed straight ahead.

The smooth Chicago post-rockers already have their next record in the can, and it's called Car Alarm.

This will be the Sea and Cake's seventh full-length record, and Thrill Jockey will release it October 21.

Car Alarm:

01 Aerial
02 a Fuller Moon
03 on a Letter
04 CMS Sequence
05 Car Alarm
06 Weekend
07 New Schools
08 Window Sills
09 Down in the City
10 Pages
11 the Staircase
12 Mirrors

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