Friday, August 29, 2008

Coming up soon! SoCo Music Experience - GZA

I’ve been looking forward to this years SoCo Music Experience for some time now because last year’s festival was a blast - culminating with a fantastic performance by the Flaming Lips. Oh, yeah - and it’s free.

SoCo Music Experience is a great music party sponsored by Southern Comfort. Of course, they are hoping that everybody will drink and enjoy some SoCo while we are at it... And of course, I will! After all, they are giving me a festival experience that is well worth at least $50 – 80!

Unfortunately those fans under 21 yrs old are unable to attend. It’s a big bummer for them – but understandable given current social norms. On the other hand, it makes for a smaller event and one that’s comfortable and easy to enjoy for those of us who are “over 21.” (That’s a nice way to describe my age.)

This year’s line-up is huge. I caught performances by The Roots and The Black Keys at much larger venues during the past year, and they were great. So I’m really looking forward to seeing both bands again.

But I’m most interested in seeing GZA (ji’ za) perform. Gary Grice – better known as GZA or “The Genius” - is one of the founders of Wu Tang Clan and a master wordsmith. He is known for his complex metaphor and laid-back flow., and has been rapping since 1976 – back when hip hop was just being born in New York. So the man probably knows what he’s doing!

Over the years I’ve had a growing appreciation for rap and hip/hop. I like beats – and so I usually enjoy the dj/producers, and I also really dig the rhythms of the master rhymers.

GZA just released a new album – Pro Tools - and I’m looking forward to hear him touring behind it!

Hope to see you there!
- Mister Bill

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