Saturday, August 09, 2008

Quick Review - Eef Barzelay

I had such a good time at the Eef Barzaley show the other night. His powerful performance in the living room like intimacy of Cafe Montmarte made this a “show of the year” contender for me. The sound at Momo was quite good – apparently Eef had truly been striving to get “everything perfect” as he wryly and ironically suggested.

You should know that anytime a band introduction includes the phrase “we’re from Nashville” then odds are you are in for an excellent show. Eef claimed that they were all “failed musicians” - but this would be the type of “failed musician” that you should strive to see at every opportunity. Nashville is much like New Orleans – a musical mecca and therefore very competitive. Tough on musicians no doubt, but as a listener – it’s just awesome because every little bar has a band playing that is loaded with talent.

Eef brought it to the Momo on Thursday night. He played to a comfortably full house of appreciative listeners. Alex and I joined together in hoping that this would be one of the fantastic nights when the audience gets engaged and quiets down appropriately– and I was quite satisfied.

After the show, Eef was offering a package for $30 including his new CD – Lose Big – two cool Clem Snide CDs (Early Home Recordings Volume 1 and Have a Good Night: Live Recordings 1999 – 2005), AND a very cool poster from Clem Snide’s End of Love Tour 2005. As you can imagine, I jumped on this bonanza – and Eef signed my CD which I still find adds sentimental value to my show memorabilia.

If you get a chance to see Eef Barzelay and his Band on tour, do not let it slip by you. . . You won’t be disappointed.

- Mister Bill

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