Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Forward Music Fest: Saturday

I'm very excited to see Low at the High Noon Saloon on Saturday (6 pm) as part of the Forward Music Festival.

Low was formed in 1993 and is an originator of what has come to be called "slowcore." In the face of post-punk grunge, Alan Sparhawk wondered what would happen if they turned down the volume. Low's arrangements are spare but intense. Their harmonies are haunting. And they can take a song from a quiet hush to an explosion of sound.

I've only seen Low once, a few years ago here in Madison, touring behind the fantastic album "The Great Destroyer." Their performance was really impressive, and I've been longing to see them again.

The Antlers will be starting the Saturday line-up at the High Noon (5pm). If you've not heard of them, you probably will. They have been garnering major buzz, particularly around their new release "Hospice." Pitchfork named The Antlers one of the "best new bands" and gave their album high marks.

Robin Hilton, with NPR's All Songs Considered, had this to say:
"Hospice is an epic but intimate album of astonishing beauty, as well as one of the most moving, heart-wrenching set of songs I've had the pleasure of hearing. It evolves and unfolds majestically, soaring from hushed moments to grand, cage-rattling swells of shredded guitar noise."
I know that I'm looking forward to seeing them live.

This should be a great bill. Hope to see you there!

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