Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Forward Music Festival Review:
The Antlers 9.19.2009

Needing to care for my 12-week puppy dog kept me from fully immersing myself in the Forward Music Festival this year. But over the three days, I still managed to see Richard Buckner, A Night in the Box, Gentleman Loser, El Valiente, Collection of Colonies of Bees, Cougar, This Bright Apocalypse, Maps & Atlases, Low and The Antlers.

The highlight for me was certainly the show at the High Noon Saloon by The Antlers and Low. There was a good size crowd and the sound was great.

I'm a fan of Low, have many of their recordings, and was anticipating their set since the festival line-up was announced. What proved to be a real bonus was the fantastic opening set by The Antlers. This band - composed of frontman Peter Silberman, drummer Michael Lerner and Darby Cicci on keys - expressed their sense of honor to share the stage, but I thought it was really an inspired pairing.

All three of these musicians have great chops, and their music is dramatic and dynamic. They pull it off superbly live. I was up close - in the "zone of participation" as we refer to it at MMR - so I clicked off a few shots with my little camera.

Hope you had a chance to see them! I've since been continuing to enjoy their most recent album - Hospice. It is recommended listening and re-listening.

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