Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pictures from Bob Weir/Ratdog, Cat Empire, Baghdad Scuba Review @ Summerfest '07

The three of us drove in early from Madison so we could relax a bit and catch some acts before Bob Weir and Ratdog took the stage. We were once again at the Big Backyard stage where Baghdad Scuba Review, an up and coming band from Madison were jamming to the crowd. The band has been a regular at Mr. Robert's on Atwood Ave. since 2005 and in fact had a fan 'BuSRide' to and from Madison to Summerfest this year as well. The self described "progressive rock" band mixed up their set with catchy covers and original tunes. Halfway through their set, the band went backstage only to return wearing T-shirts that sent out a strong message against the war in Iraq.

above top left: Summerfest flags

left: the hard to miss
Big Backyard Stage sign

below: BSR fan aka 'Scuba Crew', BSR in their custom T's

- malliman/AM

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