Sunday, October 07, 2007

Live Review: EOTO / Future Rock at High Noon Saloon

As you probably know, I was really excited by the Future Rock / EOTO bill at the High Noon. I've just been listening seriously to electronic music for a couple years now, and really enjoying it. And earlier this year, Ankur initiated me into great dance scene at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival - which plays host to some of the world's best DJs and production artists each Memorial Day weekend.

I have come to really love watching electronic artists perform - because what they do is apparently so simple (Just creating a beat, right?), but is in reality quite technically complex (Have you ever tried using this equipment and software? . . . It's damn difficult). And the best part is that good DJs/PAs are magicians at finding the energy of a crowd and then moving it. So it makes a great tribal community experience. . . which is something we need more often.

EOTO started the night out with a great groove and kept it rollin' for an hour and a half. I've seen Michael Travis and Jason Hann perform with String Cheese Incident several times, so I knew that these percussionists were excellent. But I was amazed by their live performance and really grateful to be able to see them in such an intimate show venue - the High Noon is one of my faves.

It also wonderful to be able to socialize with the musicians before or after the set. I always appreciate musicians like Travis and Jason who despite a long career on the road still remain very open to their fans. . . I've been listening to their 2006 release - elephants only talk occasionally. It sounds great, and if you weren't there it would give you a good idea what you missed.

Future Rock followed - and turned up the heat. Luckily, Felix has got that shirt! You will be hearing a lot more about this Chicago area band, who we want to see play in Madison often!! Their new release - GEARS - is also quite good, and recommended.

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