Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Project/Object - Surge for Zappa Music Tour
@ Majestic Theatre, 10.23.2007

I'm a fan of Frank Zappa. A small "f" fan - but one with a real appreciation of his brilliance. . . On the other hand, my old friend Paul Schroeder in Chicago is a FAN! He introduced me to Zappa back when we shared the same dorm floor as college freshmen. And he now has the most complete collection of FZ recordings you could imagine - both audio and video. . . We saw a lot of great shows together. So when Paul recommends a band performing the music of Frank Zappa - as he did with Project/Object - I take notice. [. . . more]

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Dave said...

I too am a friend to Zappa Fans, and therefore a fan. Sadly I missed these guys when they played in my hometown of Philly. Hopefully I can catch them next time they roll through.