Friday, October 12, 2007

Photos - Fiery Furnaces at The Annex, 10.11.2007

Here's some photos from the amazing performance put on by the Fiery Furnaces last night at The Annex. It was quite a display of talent by all four band members. Catch this band live whenever you have the chance!

Want to see more photos? Click [here]


Anonymous said...

I was blown away by this show. If they come around again - I am there. Nice pix.

Anonymous said...

THE GENIUS BASS PLAYER: Jason Loewenstein is an American rock musician and a member of the indie-rock band Sebadoh. A multi-instrumentalist, he produced and played every instrument on his first solo album At Sixes and Sevens, which was released in 2002, some two years after Sebadoh went on hiatus. Loewenstein and founding Sebadoh member Lou Barlow toured under that moniker in late 2003 and the spring of 2004. Currently, Jason resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Jason also played on (the band of Will Oldham) Palace's album Viva Last Blues.

From August 2005 to the present, Jason has performed with the Brooklyn-based band The Fiery Furnaces.

Mister Bill said...

Thanks for the background on Jason Loewenstein. I was amazed by his musical chops... as well as that of the drummer - Robert D'Amico. The entire band was great.

I am a fan of "all things Will Oldham" and have Viva... I will definately make a point to check out At Sixes and Sevens!

Thanks again.