Thursday, June 07, 2007

Movement 2007 - The Sights

The three days at DEMF was a treat for the ears... and the eyes and the body as well. It is hard to capture the abundance of energy, color, sound and motion that envelops you in Hart Plaza. You are constantly buffeted by the throbbing, pulsating bass emanating from the banks of speakers as a mass of twirling, twitching, grooving bodies whirls around you, heads nodding and bobbing in unison, hands raised up in the air, fists clenched, fingers stabbing the sky and chopping the air to the beats twisted and tweaked out of the dials and touch pads by the DJ's and artists. You raise your camera to take a shot but your body resists the need to stay still - the air pushes at you in time with the deep bass as the ground vibrates to the steps of thousands of dancing feet, urging you to join in, give in to the primal beat. Here is a snapshot of some of those moments...
Dance away

Detroit's finest checking out the scene

Losoul... intense concentration...

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