Friday, May 25, 2007

Battles Blew-Out My Brain Today

I took the day off today to start the weekend right. Hustled around this morning getting ready to go to DEMF and fooling around on the blog. I also went over to Madison Birth Center, where I normally “keep the books” on weekends, and hung out with “the gals in the front office” a bit. But I kinda had to keep my head down and quickly pay bills coming due, because I wanted to get all my other errands done by noon or thereabouts.

The afternoon was for relaxing, listening to music and getting ready for our road trip to Motown. My dog, Abbie took me out for a walk in the Pheasant Branch Conservancy. Highly recommended by the way – the violet and white phlox are exploding in the woodlands there. It’s almost surreal in its beauty. [See postcript]

Based on Fred’s recommendation, I got Battles newest recording, and listened to it on the headphones. . . WOW! Really great Yes-tinged psychedelic sound. I’m sure we’ll have a more articulate review later. All, I can say is get it, put on your headphones if necessary, then Play it Loud. (By the way, I will stipulate right now that my advice is always to "Turn it Up". . . . But that may just be me; I don’t know.)

Got to get things pulled together and meet up soon with Ankur and Rusty! More later from the road. . .

Mr. B

p.s. Those who know have informed me that these woodland flowers are not actually phlox, but Dame's Rocket - an extremely invasive species that is considered a "pest." . . . Still pretty tho.

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