Thursday, May 24, 2007

Movement 2007... Getting Ready for The Detroit Electronic Music Festival

Motor city. The home of Motown and the city where John Lee Hooker got down to boogie. It is also the home of techno - what I call 'Detroit Electronic'. Think Carl Craig, Derrick May, Theo Parrish, Richie Hawtin/Plastikman (he's from Windsor from across the river/border but we don't believe much in political and geographic boundaries), Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins... the list goes on.

Thanks to my buddy Jason for introducing me to the music back in '99 and with whom I got a taste of DEMF first hand in 2000. And then made a trip back in 2001 when I was joined by Tony, Ashwini, Ms. Fox and Luis (crazy Spaniard cousin of Tony's who did not speak a word of English and flew in from Madrid just for the show). I don't remember much from those trips but do recall some spectacular DJ'ing by Stacey Pullen and then a marathon spin session by Laurent Garnier at an after party at the City Club(?). In any case, it is time to refresh those brain cells and head back for some kick ass, booty shaking music. My homies Bill, Rusty, Tim and I get on the road to Detroit on Friday evening and will keep you posted on the weekend happenings. Have a good weekend and catch some live music!

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