Thursday, May 31, 2007

Report from new guy

Some people say that you should never see sausage produced because it will make you realize what goes in there. Now that I’ve had my first electronic music festival experience, I can ecstatically say that electronic music is nothing like sausage. Why not? Well, for most of the time we were in Detroit, we constantly saw exactly what went into this music, and it was good. At DEMF and the packed, intimate afterbar parties, we gazed at the vinyl from a few feet away while some of the best DJ’s in the business (and some assorted technicians of other instruments) deconstructed beats and put them back together in different and better ways. As someone who has seen precious few live DJ’s, and ocassionally bobbed his head mockingly to a techno beat while at a stoplight, it was a mind-opening music experience.

The bonus for me, new as I am to this world, was the people scenery. All types of people floated around Hart Plaza looking for other members of their given tribe. The result was crystalline - sharp as a tack, not dulling like other sun-soaked music events might be. Add in the otherworldly experience of being in central Detroit, and you get a weekend that may be as stimulating as any you can have in music. Consider my brain, like the beats, taken apart and put back together again. In a different, better way.

Anyone for WEMF or Sundance?

new guy

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MisterBill said...

Nice post, new guy! . . . and I agree completely with your sentiments about the great crowd there. I was surprised at the diversity of these gathered tribes. Dancing together with everybody felt peaceful in a way.