Thursday, May 10, 2007

LCD Soundsystem - Metro, Chicago 05.06.2007

LCD Soundsystem recordings have great wit and an infectious energy. . . their live show is even better. James Murphy and the other four members of LCD brought their A-game to the performance at the Metro on Sunday night. Fred and I were there.

When performing live, Murphy is accompanied by the following band members:

* Al Doyle - guitar, percussion (also of Hot Chip)
* Phil Skarich - bass
* Nancy Whang - keyboards, synthesizer
* Pat Mahoney - drums

All players were quite versatile, and with the exception of drummer Pat Mahoney, the configuration changed from song to song. Sometimes there were three players on keyboards or two on bass or two on guitar or three on percussion.

Metro is a really fine venue, and highly recommended. A great sound system, clear and well balanced even at high volume. The capacity is just 1100, including the balcony area, and it feels very intimate. Wider than deep, the main floor is only about 25 feet deep. The place was packed and rockin' for this show. I certainly worked up a sweat – even with my awesome physical conditioning!
Despite the cost and hassle of reclaiming my car from the tow yard, it was well worth the trip! By the way, be sure to look all around for "No Unauthorized Parking" signs when parking in Chicago – they are not f-ing around. Although I must say, when your car is missing it’s actually a relief to discover that it has only been towed!


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