Thursday, May 31, 2007

DEMF - Great Value or the Greatest?

This weekend was an epiphany for me, and I feel as though I’ve been well and truly initiated into the full pleasure and appreciation of live electronic music.

It was just this past March that I experienced my first all-night dance party; and it was on my first trip to Amsterdam, and my first trip to Europe, and it was celebrating the Spring Equinox. So you can see that for me, it was an event of some note. It was a great party too: in and outdoor, North Sea beach on a calm night, two stages and nine artists, playing progressive- and trance- for 12 hours. So Movement 07 was just my second such experience – and what an awesome time it was!

Charles Webster works his magic

But I don’t think that it was only my “newbie enthusiasm” that made this such a great personal experience. Props have got to be given to Paxahau for the incredible quality of this production. My traveling companions are the true audiophiles, but I thought the sound was outstanding. I’ve got some good (not great) quality earplugs, and I try to always remember to have them on hand at a show. But I rarely felt the need for decibel relief at DEMF– despite the fact that the beat was loud enough to create a deeply visceral experience.

Oh, Canada!

Hart Plaza is a great setting too. The views are really interesting all around, and its always great to be on a waterfront. I was a particular fan of the Beatport stage, and I really liked the configuration of the room; the low stage; and the overall “club” feel there. (Although I do think that a wider tent would be better.) The Main Stage was more majestic in scale, but during the early sets it was still real easy to freely dance up close.

Richie Hawtin

There is an element of magic and theater to the performance of a good electronic artist that has to be seen to be understood. Here the artists were all world class, and even legendary. But I was particularly drawn to the unpretentiousness of many of the artists. They showed obvious pleasure while playing their sets, and also danced at other artists sets. The early morning hours would find them still performing at the plethora of after parties in the area. To be sure, Downtown Detroit was bumpin.

Heidi. . . in the running for most upbeat, joyful artist

So the cost is $40 for continuous music on 4 stages for 3 days/12 hours a day. As Stephen Colbert would ask, “Movement 07. Great value or Greatest?”

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