Monday, September 10, 2007

Cold War Kids and The Flaming Lips Wow Willow Island

SoCo Music Experience – Madison 9/08/2007

All the hype was there with Southern Comfort wristbands, banners, booths, DJs, laptops, and VIP areas to brand, promote and drive sales for the alcohol industry giant. This was the only price an attendee had to pay to see some great music by artists Cold War Kids and The Flaming Lips. . . It was a great deal!
The festival started at 3pm with lesser known bands that kept the limited early crowd well entertained. [READ FULL REVIEW]


Anonymous said...

Great words - I thought you accurately described the Lips experience from Saturday night. But we need to ask one question...why no blood this time around Wayne?

MisterBill said...

There were many damp eyes at the end of "Do You Realize"! . . . It was a beautiful night, and a truly great event.