Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wilco @ Overture Hall, September 11, 2007

Wilco rolled into town last night and Madison Music Review was there to witness the show at the Overture center. [READ FULL REVIEW]

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Josh said...

As a big fan of all things Wilco, I was excited to see them in a different venue and from a different point of view. I was in the third balcony (or whatever the highest level is) and was looking down on the band from at least 100 feet. The advantage to this perspective was being less consumed by Tweedy and the guitars and being able to pay more attention to Glen and the keyboards. Although Wilco is still all about Tweedy, I took great enjoyment in watching Pat, Glen and Mikael do their thing--so much fun on 'via chicago' and 'i'm trying to break your heart'(where Pat and Mikael literally were throwing tambourines and maracas to help create the sonic chaos for those songs). Ultimately, I think I prefer to see Wilco in a venue where I can jump around, but the Overture was a nice change of pace. Great set list, too.

On another note, I thought playing 'ashes of american flags' was pretty poignant on the sixth anniversary of 9-11. Tweedy sings: 'i would like to salute ashes of american flags, and all the fallen leaves filling up shopping bags.' A few people from the crowd cheered after that line. For a song written pre-9-11, it is amazingly relevant to its observance in my mind.