Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Flaming Lips @ SOCO Music Experience September 8th, 2007

The Flaming Lips blew our minds last night and Madison Music Review was there to cover the event. If you were there last night, tell us about your experience. Be sure to check our site later for a review and more great pictures!


Rooftree said...

The Flaming Lips concert last night at the SoCo music festival was fantastic! They poured out a ton of energy and used countless gadgets and gimmicks to create an entertaining experience.

The show started with Wayne Coyne inside a huge, transparent ball and rolling into the upraised hands of the audience. The Flaming Lips then launched into a steady stream of songs, mostly from their last three albums. There were only two exceptions that I noticed, one of which was "She Don't Use Jelly".

One highlight for me was a toy-piano, sing-along version of Yoshimi. Another great moment was when they looped a several-second recording of "Kashmir" by Led Zepplin, accompanied by a video of two squirrels mating. To hear Robert Plant screaching (I use that term in its most complementary rock and roll meaning) "ooooh yea-yeah" while one squirrel is mounting another was hilariously sarcastic!

On a side note, it was heartening to see so many members of the band before and during the show behaving with so little ego. They were there to share their gifts with us, rather than to posture and demand adolation, like so many other rock stars do.

I was somewhat disappointed by their latest album when it came out. The "hit" Yeah-Yeah-Yeah-Yeah song in particular didn't really do much for me. But after experiencing a few of their latest songs in concert and getting a better understanding of the feelings behind them, I'm looking forward to listening to "At War with the Mystics" again.

This was my second Flaming Lips concert. I'm looking forward to seeing them again a few years from now.

Anonymous said...

Yo Rooftree nice comments about the show. Where was your first Lips show? By the way that "Kashmir loop jam" was insane!

Anonymous said...

This show was awesome. Check out this video of Wayne in the bubble. I've also posted a video of the Cold War Kids from the same show. Just dig through my videos. I'll be posting more from this show including Cowboy Mouth later this week.